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Leadership Under Stress: Exploring Project Failure at NASA

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If you love space and legal technology this is the best Keynote you’ll ever hear. If you don’t love both, you’ll still find Stephen Carver’s Keynote, “Leadership Under Stress: Exploring Project Failure at NASA,” a great presentation. His walk through the history of NASA reminds us that communication is key in teamwork.

He prefaced his history lesson by showing a comic of a pedestrian waving to a taxi saying, “Taxi,” and the taxi driver saying, “Pedestrian.” Stephen said, “Data is moving between the parties, but no real understanding is taking place.” This would be a common fault of the failed NASA projects.

NASA employees were shown saying how they knew the failures would happen, but they didn’t do anything about it. Stephen brought it full circle to our attendees by mentioning, if you know something wrong is going to happen with your organization, speak up! Don’t let a lack of communication be the fault of our projects.

What People Are Saying

Karla Upton, MS, PMP, Enterprise Applications Support & QA/QC Manager at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP via LinkedIn
Stephen Carver 's Keynote was excellent - inspiring and sobering. Some of our stakes may not be as high, but we should apply the lessons learned. Thank you for such an important presentation. 20 presentations a year is still too few. #iltasonit

Bárbara Gondim da Rocha, Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Rocha, Marinho E Sales Advogados via LinkedIn
My 9-year-old son (who is still learning his first English words) was with me during Stephen Carver's keynote and he stayed until it was over. That's how amazing it was! ILTA>ON has just started and it's already epic!

Joe Patrice, Senior Editor via Above the Law
The first day of the online show, kicked off with a keynote from Stephen Carver of The Cranfield School of Management on “Leadership Under Stress” focusing on NASA mission failures. Because when you think of a major law firm, the stakes are exactly like strapping human beings on top of several tons of barely controlled explosives.

Jia Jiang

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The Power of Rejection

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Why did we have a Keynote about rejection at ILTA>ON? In this current world, we need to be ready for anything and everything. Jia Jiang’s presentation, “The Power of Rejection,” had people wanting to ask for burger refills and donuts in the configuration of the Olympic rings. Yes, ILTAns like to have fun, but the real reason why they had these urges is because we learned how to become rejection proof by turning a “no” into a “yes.”

By nature, we try to avoid rejection at all costs, but Jia’s Keynote taught us that if we keep playing it safe, it may affect our lives, careers, businesses, and more. “Rejection is not a failure, it's an opportunity.” Now what question “weird” are you going to go ask?

What People Are Saying

Darin Fabian, Enterprise Application Operations, K&L Gates
A-maz-ing! Yesterday was another amazing day at the ILTA>ON (virtual) conference. #ILTA never disappoints. Another exceptional keynote by Jia Jiang on the topic of rejection. My takeaways: - “Don’t run. Stay engaged.” - [Always] ask “Why?” - “Maximize the chance to get a Yes.”

@BojangKemi via Twitter  
"Rejection has nothing to do with me, but with the rejector" - @JiaJiang. Such a great keynote and way to start day two of #ILTAsOnIt ILTA>ON @ILTANet

Christy Burke, President at Burke & Company LLC and Owner, Burke & Company LLC, via
Keynoters including Stephen Carver of Cranfield University and best-selling author Jia Jiang were riveting. Both provoked a veritable blizzard of chat messages from the audience as they spoke about courage, overcoming adversity, and the essential values of empowerment and leadership.

Jia Jiang

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After the Quake: Predictions for an Uncertain Legal Future

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As Joy Heath Rush mentioned, we turned the lens inward to the practice of law for Wednesday’s Keynote. Richard Punt, Managing Director of Legal Strategy and Market Development for Thomson Reuters, presented, “After the Quake: Predictions for an Uncertain Legal Future,” where he discussed the lasting effects COVID will have on the legal market and offered six predictions for the business of law and supporting technology.

Punt said, “I would argue that those developments mean that the industry is much better equipped to drive change in the next decade.”

His predictions included:

  • General counsel will focus on business outcomes, not legal inputs.
  • Platforms and data markets will drive transactions.
  • A new social contract with legal talent needs to be developed.

What People Are Saying

Keynoter Richard Punt says pandemic will mean the end of the office as we know it, and that will drive codification of legal practice to ensure quality of services. #ILTAsOnIt #ILTAON

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Jia Jiang

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Bold Moves, Big Opportunities

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We learned from the Litera team on the Thursday of ILTA>ON that bold vision and bold action = big rewards. Haley Altman, Global Director of Business Development and Strategy, kickstarted the presentation by summarizing key components of successful bold moves.

  1. Make bold moves with positivity.
  2. A team needs a bold leader who will empower them and challenge the status quo with them.
  3. Listen to your internal and external customers to see how you can make a meaningful change
  4. Be agile in your approach.

Then, Litera CEO Avaneesh Marwaha moderated a panel of CIOs who successfully made bold moves and reaped the rewards.


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Legal's Next Disruptor? Demystifying the Big 4

 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CT go to session page


The long-awaited, “Demystifying the Big 4” Keynote was the perfect beginning to the end of ILTA>ON 2020. Three of the Big 4 discussed the disruption in the business of law, the competitive landscape, and how legal services can and will be delivered in the future.

Sponsored by Traveling Coaches, Gina Buser, CEO of Traveling Coaches was joined by Peter Krakaur, Managing Director of EY Law; Mark Ross, Principal, Deloitte; and Juan Crosby, PwC, NewLaw Services Leader.

Two key takeaways were:

  1. “People, process, technology" is the old formula. Now it's "people, process, data, and technology." It's all about the multi-disciplinary approach and talent.
  2. Start thinking about the unit price of legal services

What People Are Saying

Tom O’Connor, Director, Gulf Coast Legal Tech Center
Gave us an excellent perspective on the profession and the changes we face, not just from COVID but the integration of legal into the business world especially in the international framework. And the speakers were focused on people and process more than technology .... most excellent session!

Sajid Mirza @sajidmirza
One of the most interesting, and important, sessions at ILTA>ON was when three of the Big Four firms opened up about their strategy and world ... #AI #ML #MachineLearning [via Twitter]

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