Mercedes Oppon-Kusi, Community Manager

Community Manager,
Lansweeper NV

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Lansweeper NV


I am the community manager for ILTA Europe - my role is to engage members based in Europe and help increase our membership in the region. I am passionate about connecting members and helping firms find value from their ILTA membership so please do reach out if I can help - or even if it is just to say hi!
Who am I outside ILTA? Depends on who's asking! I am a community person in real life - I volunteer alot. I am London based - I just moved out of inner London (zone 3 to zone 7 *sniffs tearfully*) to Hertfordshire. I love cooking and I also consume all things popculture:  You're either going to find me cooking at home while watching reality TV, reading a book or attending a beer & cider festival

Honors and Awards

Young Professionals to Watch Award
International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)